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cfud_concrit's Journal

Camp Fuck You Die, get your anonymous concrit here
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--Roughly once a week (give or take a day or two) we're going to make a new post. Players wanting concrit at the time, are more than free to reply to this weekly post. Nobody is expected or obliged to comment to a post. Anyone can anonymously (or not) reply to a player, letting them know what they think.

This community is meant to give concrit to the players who choose to ask. We will freeze or screen threads that aren't started by a player asking for concrit on their playing. Acceptable concrit includes any in-character decisions, actions, or reactions based on the character's play in campfuckudie or related IC communities (such as cryfuckuwolf).

Any OOC and/or mun-related issues (such as heavily bleeding into character, clustering, cliques, or critting the player themselves for actions anywhere on or off the communities) are not issues related with this community and any comments containing them will be frozen or screened. We also ask that you do not bring up issues related to the CFUD moderator rules. These issues should go through email, IRC, and whatever other chat or contact means you have.

If there are any questions about anything, whether it be about a rule or about a thread, please feel free to contact anyone of the mods.

  • yzak at silver.duelist [at] gmail, or Yzak/Rubedo on IRC.
  • alexander at if.june [at] gmail, or AJ/Mukuro on IRC.
  • synergic at himura.rikuou [at] gmail or Rikuou on IRC.

--Once every two months, we will make a post inviting general dicussion and ideas revolving around gameplay in campfuckudie. This includes, but isn't limited to, gamestyles and what does and doesn't work in the game, as well as trends that have been noticed.

Note that this still does not include any OOC and/or mun-related issues. These will be heavily modded, and we ask that if you contribute to a thread, to think on whether you are concerned about the issue or if it's something that merely annoys you.
We also ask that you keep in mind the wording and the intent behind discussion, to avoid any potential problems.

This is a new type of post that we are implementing, and we ask for everyone's cooperation to help make this work, so that we can continue to play and have fun. ♥ The first post will probably be coming up sometime in the new year.

These have been phased out due to the chicken soup posts that are posted on campersfuckoff.


--that concrit means constructive criticism. Emphasis on constructive. We don't want anybody's feelings hurt or having ranting/hating on people. This is a pretendy funtime game. There are a list of guidelines that we ask everyone to consider:

Schrodinger's Rules of Critiquing.

  • Critique the playing, never the player. Don't say, "You are . . ." or "You should . . ." Instead say, "This thread is . . . " or "Can you explain . . ."
  • Comment on what is right as well as what is wrong.
  • Remember that subject matter is personal. You don't have to like the character or canon to give it a fair critique.
  • Remember what your biases are and critique around them. Try to state your biases or knowledge of the canon so that they player knows where you are coming from.
  • Remember that there are real people behind each character, and real people have real feelings.
  • Use polite language.
  • Things you may not say while critiquing.
        -"That's stupid."
        -"That's really OOC."
        -"You don't know how to write this character."
        -"I think you need to drop."

Schrodinger's Rules of Being Critiqued.

  • Listen. The person who is speaking has taken the time to collect and read your threads, and wants to help you find ways to help make your playing better.
  • Explain what is necessary.
  • Take notes and consider what's being said, try to honestly judge the validity of the crit.
  • Realize that everything can be improved.
  • Be willing to make changes to your play. Conversely, don't change anything you feel must remain to stay IC.
  • Use polite language.
  • Things you may not say when being critiqued.
        -"You're wrong."
        -"You're an idiot."
        -"You don't know the canon, so you can't crit the character."

The community name was enabled by mitbix, yay!!